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Caroline Watkins

  • Faculty of Health and Wellbeing, University of Central Lancashire


Professor Dame Caroline Watkins holds the following positions in Faculty of Health and Wellbeing, University of Central Lancashire: Professor of Stroke and Older People’s Care; Director of Research and Innovation; Director of Lancashire Clinical Trials Unit (CTU) and Director of Lancashire research Institute For global hEalth and wellbeing (LIFE); Director of Capacity Building and Implementation, NIHR Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care North West Coast (NIHR CLAHRC NWC). Her multidisciplinary team of researchers have a large portfolio of clinically relevant stroke research and contribute to stroke service development locally, nationally and internationally. Caroline’s Services to Nursing and Older People’s Care were recognised with the award of the DBE in the New Year Honours 2017. She has recently taken position as Chair for UK Stroke Forum (UKSF). She is also currently Senior Investigator for National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) for second time.

Brief outline of projects

  • Confirming the Mechanism of Motivational Interviewing Therapy after Stroke (COMMITS). NIHR CLAHRC North West Coast. Improving Mental Health Theme. Applicants: Lightbody L, Watkins C, Gabbay M, Sutton C, Cant R, Hackett M, Thomas S, Walker M, Bowen A, Daniels L, McColl E, Patel K, Holland E, Lowe D, Emsley R, Bower P. Awarded £259,811. 2018. Website link in development
  • Standardised Neurological OBservation Schedule for Stroke (SNOBSS). NIHR Doctoral Research Fellowship (DRF). Applicant: McLoughlin A; Supervisors: Lightbody CE, Watkins C, Olive P, Price C. Awarded £284,329. 2018.
  • DECISIONS: Development and evaluation of a Comprehensive Intervention to Support clinicians and patients in improving the management of anticoagulation in Atrial Fibrillation to reduce risk of stroke (CIS-AF). NIHR RfPB. Applicants: Gibson J, Watkins C, Georgiou R, Chauhan U, Joshi M, Rutter P, Banerjee A, Lowe D, Lane D, Cheng Hock T. Awarded: £141,084. 2018.
  • NIHR Global Health Research Group on stroke at King's College, London. NIHR Global Health Research. Applicants: Sackley C, Youkee D, Wolfe C, Rudd A, Peacock J, Fox Rushby J, McKevitt C, Leather A, Prince M, Watkins C, Langhorne P, Siegel FB. Awarded: £1,998,986. 2018.
  • ICONS II: Identifying Continence OptioNs after Stroke randomised controlled trial. NIHR HTA. Applicants: Thomas L, Sutton CJ, Booth J, Roffe C, Chapple CR, Britt DP, Bennett K, Watkins CL, Panton CS, Hollingsworth B, Mateus C, Roe B. Awarded £1,399,016. 2017.
  • Lancashire Research Institute for global hEalth and wellbeing (LIFE). University of Central Lancashire (UCLan). Applicants: Watkins C, Harrison N, Crean StJ, Clegg A, Sutton CJ, Martin FL, Duxbury J, Thomas L, Hurley M, McKeown M, Gordon M, Downe S, Thornton T, Chauhan U, Jackson C, Davidson C. Awarded £900,000. 2017.
  • NIHR Global Health Research Group on Improving Stroke Care at University of Central Lancashire. NIHR Global Health Research. Applicants: Watkins C, Georgiou R, Lightbody CE, Gibson J, Hackett M, Sutton C, Clegg A, Schroeder D, Sharma A, Forshaw D, Maulik P, Pandian J, Kalkonde Y, Gabbay M, Walker M, Radford K, Lindley R, Cadilhac D, Sanders C, Srivastava P, Middleton S, Sylaja PN. Awarded £1,918,796. 2017.
  • RETurn to work After stroKE (RETAKE). NIHR HTA. Applicants: Radford K, Farrin A, Bowen A, Walker M, O'Connor R, Sach T, McKevitt C, Watkins C, Holloway I, Hooban K, Murray J, Hartley S, Stevens J, Smith L, Logan P, Shone A, Evans C, Koufali M, Davy P, McMaster H. Awarded £1,845,029. 2017.
  • STROke, Life and LeisurE Research Survey (STROLLERS). NIHR Senior Investigator Award. Applicants: Watkins C, McMahon N, Thetford C
  •  Optimising Psychoeducation for Transient Ischaemic Attack and Minor Stroke Management (OPTIMISM study). The Stroke Association Postdoctoral Fellowship. Applicant: Kontou E; Supervisors: Walker M, Thomas S; Additional supervisors/Co-Investigators: Watkins C, Sprigg N. Awarded £174,904. 2015.
  • Supporting the person experiencing a stroke through fostering relationship centred care on a stroke unit. NIHR/HEE CAT Clinical Lectureship. Applicant: Gordon C. Research Supervisors: Ellis-Hill C, Watkins C, Dewar B, Jenkinson D, Williams J. Awarded £257,478. 2014.
  • NIHR Collaborations for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRC) North West Coast (NWC). NIHR. Directors: Gabbay M, Popay J, Watkins C. Theme Leaders: Bentall R, Pearson M, Popay J, Dickson R and Pirmohamed M. Co-applicants: Corcoran R, Dowrick C, Quinn J, Pilgrim D, Catney G, Barr B, Slade P, Rahman A, Bristow K, Billington J, Field M, Rawcliff T, Jones S, Lobban F, Hatton C, Watkins C, Downe S, Duxbury J, McKeown M, Bodger K, Abraham A, Walker P, Gabbay M, Moots R, Mimnagh C, Frith L, Whitehead, Capewell, Barr, Milligan, Hollingsworth, Zucchelli, Hatton, Holland, Limmer, Dykes F, Neilson J, Smith A, Marson T, Nicolson A, Alderson P, Harding S, Sutton R, Ghaneh P, Neoptolemos J, Capewell S, Williamson P. Total grant: £9,000,000 (plus £13,500,000 matched funding). 2013-2018. Additional funds: £1,500,000. 2019.