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Integrated clinical academic training

ACFs in conjunction with Lancaster University

There is a well developed Integrated Clinical Academic Training (ICAT) pathway in Neurology at Lancaster University. Three former Lancaster Academic Clinical Fellows (ACFs) in Neurology have followed successful clinical research trajectories, including PhD completion and progression to Academic Clinical Lecturer grade; our current ACF in Neurology is currently submitting PhD fellowship applications. The ACFs in Neurology have been closely supported by Lancaster University and have benefitted from the MSc programme to develop a comprehensive knowledge of research methodology. This has served as a secure foundation for their subsequent clinical research.


PhD Projects

New NHS England PhD internship coming soon. This NHS England PhD internship will involve joint working with Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Lancaster University to evaluate the implementation of automated clinical coding on neurology clinic letters. 

Our previous NHSX PhD internship with Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Lancaster University looked at the evaluation of pre-trained named entity recognition and linking (NER+L) models. This effectively groups identified concepts together and assigns SNOMED-CT classification. The Medical Concept Annotation Toolkit (MedCAT) was used within the LANDER (Lancashire Data Science Environment) Trusted Research Environment (TRE) in Azure to identify and link concepts.