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Neuroscience is the study of the brain and nervous system in both health and disease, with the ultimate aim of translating discovery into human benefit.

Within Lancashire there are considerable strengths across the spectrum of neuroscience, with a growing and increasingly visible network of researchers working within the core themes of neuroscience research.

The scope of neuroscience is broad and encompasses molecular, cellular, developmental, cognitive and behavioural aspects of the nervous system, as well as clinical neuroscience which is concerned with disorders such as neurodegeneration and dementia, stroke and cancer of the nervous system. Neuroscience shares increasingly close links with emerging technologies, including genomics, imaging, computation, data science, bioinformatics and digital health.  

Neuroscience within Lancashire is building an enviable reputation, with increasingly cross-disciplinary research, through a network of activity with a growing national and international profile spanning the NHS, universities and industry.

Promoting neuroscience research in Lancashire through the launch and development of this website is also expected to achieve the following:

  • Improved visibility of neuroscience research activity in Lancashire – to researchers and non-researchers within Lancashire and elsewhere
  • Improved opportunities for collaboration between researchers through increased awareness / networking
  • Enablement of greater patient and public participation
  • Increased opportunities for investment and enterprise through partnership and collaboration